Car Donation Headquarters

So you’re considering making a car donation?

There are many great reasons why one would want to donate a vehicle. First of all, donating anything gives you good feelings and a whole bunch of karma points. Secondly, you can deduct some or all of your car donation from your taxes. Now that is some pretty solid incentive. A lot of the places will handle the towing and pickup of your car too! This is especially great if you’ve got a junk car sitting in your driveway just taking up space. Might as well help some folks in need out while helping your own tax bill out at the same time!

This site is chock full of pages and pages of car donation information for specific cities and states around the United States.

Use the map below to find your city or state’s information. When you hold your mouse over the state, either a city name will pop up at the bottom of the map or a state’s name. If it’s a city name, you’ll find information about that city only. If it’s a state name, you will find multiple city information or statewide info.

Car Donation

A car donation is the act of giving your car to a charitable cause. Making a car donation is a great way to help others and possibly even help yourself at the same time. You can make a car donation in just about every major city in the United States.

Car Donation Tax Deduction

Tax deductions for car donations is an added bonus. In addition to helping out people who need it, your car donation can lead to some nice tax breaks for yourself. In most cases, you are allowed to deduct fair market value for the vehicle that you donate.

Remember to keep all documentation, cite your source for market value and obtain some sort of proof of receipt from whomever you are donating the vehicle to. You probably won’t need that stuff, but it’s really nice to have just in case you do.

Donate Car to Charity

When you decide to donate your car to charity, you will be able to choose from the available charities in your area. If you are a pet lover, you might be able to donate your vehicle to your local animal shelter where you know they will use the proceeds to help animals in need. If cancer research is something near and dear to your heart, you might be able to donate your car to a charity involved in that. Whatever the reason, kudos to you for making a difference!

Junk Car Donation

Many places that take car donations will even accept a junk car donation. This is a great way to get rid of that old rusty pile of useless metal in your yard. Don’t feel bad either! These places know the best way to get the most money out of your donation. They won’t take it if it won’t help them. Most of the time, they will take it. Sometimes, they will even tow it out of your property for you!

Car Donation NYC

If you’re looking to donate your car in the biggest city in the United States, we’ve got you covered. See this Car Donation NYC page for information and locations where you can make your vehicle donation. There are two things that most New Yorkers need: less expenses and tax breaks. Donating your car can get you both!